Wave goodbye to your supply spreadsheets.

Still using spreadsheets to keep up with your study site's inventory? Slope has a better way to organize the things that power your research.

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Get Control

It's easy to organize & track everything at your site.

No Surprises

Always be prepared for upcoming patient visits.

Smarter Resupply

Get alerts when inventory is expiring or running low.

"I love Slope's new app - it's amazing!"

Heather Sights manages lab kit and clinical supply inventory at her site. She loves Slope's low inventory and expiring supply alerts - they've helped her gain control of lab kit management and reconciliation for all of her clinical trials.

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Track everything at your study site.

Slope makes it simple and easy to get organized.

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Join the hundreds of Research Coordinators around the world who use Slope to build efficient, high enrolling sites.

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Team Slope

Slope designs solutions that help study sites reach their full potential.

Rust Felix

Co-Founder & CEO

Loves stopping lab kit waste in its tracks.

Michael Felix

Co-Founder & CTO

Hunts inefficiency hidden in code.

James Irvin

Director of Ops

Defender of supply closet organization.

Vivek Garipalli

Board Member

Deftly mixes data analysis & patient focus.

Santosh Sankar

Board Member

Highest ranking supply chain wizard.

Mark Horsey

Board Member

BioPharma focused financial strategist.