Is your study site in chaos? Not hitting enrollment goals? You're missing one BIG thing...

88% of sites report problems enrolling and retaining patients because they've lost control of their lab kit & supply inventory. Slope's FREE supply management app puts you back in control.

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Track everything

Manage kits & supplies for all of your trials, regardless of vendor.

Get notified

Know when supplies are expiring or running low.

Invite your team

We're built for teamwork with trial by trial permissions.

Stop Lab Kit Waste

While pre-packaged kits can be a time saver for your busy study site, too much inventory creates lots of waste, takes up precious space, and hurts your site efficiency. With Slope you know exactly what you need to keep your clinical trials on track. Our free app helps you stop lab kit waste before it starts.

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"I love Slope's new app - it's amazing!"

Heather Sights manages lab kit and clinical supply inventory at her site. She loves Slope's low inventory and expiring supply alerts - they've helped her gain control of lab kit management and reconciliation for all of her clinical trials.

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Track, forecast, & resupply your lab kits and clinical supplies!

Slope tracks supply closet inventory levels, monitors usage, remembers storage location, and sends you inventory alerts.

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Team Slope

We are obsessed with bringing structure, organization, and clarity to lab kit and clinical supply management.

Rust Felix

Co-Founder & CEO

Loves stopping lab kit waste in its tracks

Michael Felix

Co-Founder & CTO

Hunts inefficiency hidden in code.

James Irvin

Director of Ops

Defender of supply closet organization.

Vivek Garipalli

Board Member

Deftly mixes data analysis & patient focus.

Santosh Sankar

Board Member

Highest ranking supply chain wizard.

Mark Horsey

Board Member

BioPharma focused financial strategist.